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Sam Butler is a journalist and writer from Bristol, UK. He has a degree in Criminology and Journalism from the University of the West of England. He is a staunch opposer of capital punishment and an advocate of penal and criminal justice reform. His first piece of academic work "The Edlington case: The media construction of crime and the role of the public criminologist in the reporting of serious crimes" is available upon request.

Coalition lunch run causes friction

The coalition has recently become seriously divided over Nick Clegg’s apparent inability to get the lunch run right. Tory rebels have stated that they will no longer follow party policy after members of the cabinet received incorrect sandwich fillings when … Continue reading

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Another f****ing blog entry about Wikileaks…

Events over the past few weeks have illustrated a not so astonishing parallel between certain elements in US politics and the elements of nations and factions that they usually so readily denounce and vilify. I am, of course, talking about … Continue reading

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Prisoners get to vote following campaign

History is to be made next month as British prisoners are granted voting rights. The ground-breaking move follows the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling that the UK’s long-standing voting ban was unlawful and new legislation will come into force … Continue reading

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Anti Social Behaviour Orders are have become valuable collector’s items following their discontinuation by Home Secretary Theresa May. Any remaining ASBOs held by the Con-Dem coalition are being sold to the highest bidder in an effort to replenish depleted government … Continue reading

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Maddie may have been taken by gang of swan eating, benefit scrounging, asylum seekers.

Missing British child, Madelaine McCann, is believed by many to have been snatched, to be trained as a banquet waitress, by a highly organised gang of asylum seekers who are also involved in a swan eating ring. The evil plot … Continue reading

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New Robbin’ Robin Hood Tax set to make poverty pay for itself

David Cameron is to introduce a new levy on poverty, in an effort to stem the tide of public spending. The radical move would be the first time ever that people would be charged for the free social service of … Continue reading

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